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The Bachelor's Honey Badger has MAD rapping skills!!

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    Fitzy and WippaFitzy and Wippa

    Dauer: 2:38

    Honey Badger:
    Roses are red, violets are blue
    But this guy beside me belongs in a zoo
    A Tip-rat turkey, a Dumpster Diver
    You’d drink bin juice if I gave you a fiver
    This show is a mess without direction
    The only golden thing here is Fitzy’s staph infection
    He gambles on horses and the money he blows
    ‘Cos the only winner he can pick is up his nose
    Fitzy’s time on Big Brother was full of doom
    Wippa tried out thinking they had a “dairy” room
    Some say he’s a chip off the old block
    But any chip around Wippa is probably Red Rock
    Wippa tries a diet but lasts a week
    You look like Shrek, and sound like Little Bo Creep
    The world is your oyster but Wippa keeps eating them
    I’d laugh at your jokes if you stopped repeating them
    Lets end this now Bin Chicken, lets be quick
    Even The other Bin Chooks think you look like a d*ck
    I’m not sure if you’re a man so I need to check
    Tom are you the next Bachelorette?
    Bin Chook:
    Well I’m finally in the presence of a real footy star
    If you’re so great at sport, why are you on The Bachelor?
    Now all the girls are in a fever
    Look! There’s a Honeybadger and he’s chasing beavers!
    You’re going off like a frog in a sock
    But to me you’re just Blake Garvey with a mop top
    Sure you’ve got the muscles and big legs too
    But it’s a worry when Fitzy speaks better English than you
    Wippa’s marriage is falling like the Tower of Pisa
    He married his wife ‘cos her name rhymes with VISA
    He’s a pile of lard with a Mastercard
    And after this rap, I’m standing in a graveyard
    Wippa’s school is named after his favourite drink
    Scotch is the college with blazers of mink
    Fitzy used a blazer of a different kind
    A High school for Fitzy meant he was out of his mind
    Honeybadger will you accept this rose?
    Or at least let me borrow some of your clothes?
    Take your girlfriend on a holiday when this show is over
    Or take her to Wippa’s place, it’s called Lake Combover.

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