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Giggle & Hoot RAP AGAINST Fitzy & Wippa

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    Fitzy and WippaFitzy and Wippa

    Dauer: 3:23

    Can I hoot it? (yes you can!)
    Can I hoot it? (yes you can!)
    I'm Jimmy Giggle and I'm the boss!
    If you're trying to out-rap us, you've already lost!
    We're happy to be here - really it's fine
    But Wippa please tell us it's not Riddle Time
    Back in the Land of Giggle & Hoot
    You're an owl, bat, or me, or you're given the boot
    And you're not me, you're not on TV
    You'll never turn up in the Giggle gallery
    Unless you ask your kids to draw you maybe
    But you've got faces for radio, Fitzy & Wippa
    And on that opinion no one will ever differ
    It's just a fact, I don't mean to boast
    But in this rap battle I've turned you into toast!
    Fitzy & Wippa we're giving you the boot
    The new show in town is Giggle & Hoot
    Hi my name is Hoot the Owl
    A superhero on the mic but I don't need a cowl
    Yeah I'm a cool cat, who's afraid of cats
    And my homie Jimmy Giggle here is afraid of bats
    Owls are the best yeah everyone knows
    We're like Tigers, better than Adelaide Crows
    The rap battle's done you guys should give it a rest
    And once again Sarah, owls are the best
    We're about to fly away
    And you guys will want to hoot it our way


My childhood.

Vor 2 Monate

Totally forgot that show excised lmao

Vor 2 Monate
Mjb galaxy
Mjb galaxy

What the f*@k did I just watch?

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